Are chickens welcomed in your city?

City chickens rock. There’s nothing cooler but some cities do not allow them.  So, it depends on where you live whether or not you can have the coolest coop on the block. Chicken ordinances also vary greatly from place to place, such as restrictions on the number of chickens allowed or placement of coops on your property. I did some research on a couple of cities for examples. It seems pretty easy to find out this information online for a number of cities. The cities I researched are below. If you don’t see your city listed, you can visit: to see what you can find there or call your local city hall.



Laws – As of April, 2008

  • You can keep chickens in Los Angeles according to Article 2 Specific Planning- Zoning Comprehensive Zoning Plan from the municipal code via


  • Laws – As of April, 2008
    • You can keep chickens in Oakland, but not roosters, also the enclosure must be at least 20′ from any dwelling, church, or school.
    • The relevant section of the code is 6.04.320 available on the city website.



  • Laws – as of April, 2008
    • You can’t keep chickens in Detroit at all.
    • The relevant section of the city code is Sec. 6-1-3 of Article I, via

If you find that your city does not allow you to house chickens, you might want to be the one to speak up and change that for your city.

Happy City Chicken Raising!

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